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Mindfulness Magic Ball

One of the best tools to help children learn mindful breathing is the breathing ball. With this expandable ball, also known as the Hoperman Sphere, you can easily teach kids to follow their breath (one of the key techniques of mindfulness practice). The ball has many names, some call it the breathing ball, others call it the breath ball, we like to call it the Mindfulness Magic Ball. This magic ball turns mindfulness practice into a fun activity, when you have one, everybody wants to play with it. Perfect for the home or classroom and designed in our signature soft color palette, your little ones will love the addition of the Mindfulness Magic Ball into their daily mindfulness ritual.

FEATURES • * Point of focus for mindfulness * Lung and breath demonstration * Moving parts expand / contract * Calming color palette * Externalizes feelings * Increases mindfulness * Suitable for home, classrooms and day care centers *

Suitable for ages 3+

BRAND • Mindful and Co Kids